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Al-Qaeda Magazine Going Mainstream

Now available on U.S. newsstands!

Inspire, the English language online magazine reported to be published by Al-Qaeda, encouraged its readers to submit their own material for publication: “We also call upon and encourage our readers to contribute by sending their articles, comments and suggestions to us.”

Making your first suicide vest? Read Insight to avoid those embarrassing beginner's errors!

This reporter received an advanced copy of the newly-redesigned magazine with contemporary articles aimed to reach out to a wider demographic of insanely motivated, younger jihadis, ages 9 to 25.

Your First Suicide Bomb —
How to Avoid That ‘Oops’ Moment!

Under The Burka —
What to Do When She
Turns Out To Be a HE!

Western Girl We’d Most Like to Abduct!
New Girl — Zooey Deschanel!

One of Osama's favs!

Mullah Omar on
‘Why I’m a Lifetime NRA Member!’

What To Do When the Boss is a Jerk!
Ten Mullahs from Hell!

Osama Bin Laden’s
Top 7 Pornos!

5 Romantic Hideaways to Visit
When You’ve Kidnapped Your Next Wife!

Who needs electricity?
10 Ways to Brighten Up Your Cave

Buzkashi is preferably played with a dead goat, but there are 5 suprising substitutes you can find around the house!

Backyard Buzkashi:
No Dead Goat Handy?
No problem!

Taste Test!
Evian, Poland Spring,
or Perrier?

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