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Republican Hawk Publishes Fantasy About Iraq War

‘All my defense contractor pals got rich off the war. Why shouldn’t I?’

Duncan Hunter, a 28-year veteran of the House of Representatives is asserting that President Obama is at fault for not declaring victory in the Iraq War in a recent speech marking the withdrawal of US troops. A long-time fan of military action and cheerleader for the Marine Corps, Hunter declares unequivocally in his book “Victory In Iraq: How America Won” that the US accomplished its goals to topple Saddam Hussein and suppress the insurgency.

Proudly continuing the Bush era of non-reality based politics, Hunter also claimed that the war was marred by biased media coverage, despite the deaths of over 150 journalists who covered the war so closely that it cost them their lives.

Using his book as a chance to cash in on the legitimate praise for returning US troops, Hunter carefully overlooks the wreckage left behind by this war of choice. Below are some facts and figures of which Hunter is apparently so proud:

Stated purpose for invading Iraq: Finding Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction

Number of weapons of mass destruction found: 0

Number one cause for insurgency lasting over 9 years: US order to disband the Iraqi Army

Stated method for paying for the Iraq War: “It will be paid for by oil revenues.” – Paul Wolfowitz

Cost of war to date for US: $1 trillion

Amount of oil revenue used to pay for war: $0

Current US aid to Iraq: $1.7 billion

US funds lost, stolen by contractors, and unaccounted for: $9 billion

Portion of the $20 billion paid to Halliburton that Pentagon auditors deem “questionable:” $3.2 billion

Pre-war daily hours Baghdad homes supplied with electricity: 16 to 24 hours
Average daily hours Baghdad homes now have electricity: 5 hours

Number of doctors in Iraq before invasion: 34,000
Current number of doctors in Iraq: 15,000

Number of Iraqis killed: 113,000

Number of Iraqis displaced during war: 2.7 million

Number of coalition troops killed: 4,800

Number of US troops wounded: 32,226.
Number with severe brain or spinal injuries: 6,500

Number of returning US troops with serious mental health problems: 30%

Percentage of Iraqis who think Iraq is headed in the wrong direction: 52%

Current status of 4,000 US troops in Iraq: Remaining troops are attacked daily by artillery, mortar fire, and roadside bombs. US commanders stopped holding large base-closing ceremonies because insurgents attacked during the ceremonies.

Despite these overwhelmingly negative statistics, which exclude the massive amount of ill will generated throughout the Muslim world — about 23% of the world population — Hunter argues that Iraq has been changed for the better.

While in Congress, Hunter was known for his intimate and loving relationship with defense contractors. The DP-2 aircraft, of which all four prototype models crashed, had over $70 million appropriated to it since 1991. Despite the rejections by multiple military and civilian experts that the aircraft will not fly or hover and will incinerate Special Operations forces rappelling out of the aircraft, Hunter repeatedly added funding for the DP-2 and defended the aircraft. Not surprisingly, Hunter received $36,000 in donations from the DP-2 aircraft’s developer DuPont Aerospace.

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